Four Branches Healing: Currently offering a completely free service to one person a week, simply contact me to book in.

Four Branches Healing: A Shamanic Approach towards Holistic Wellness for those who are looking for direction, healing, strength and spiritual development.  This approach utilises the shamanic practice of journeying to access information, guidance and healing for you.

Through the shamanic journey, you are engaged at an energetic level in a technique that is rooted beyond the individual because the individual is placed within the context of universal unity.
This expansive approach has endless possibilities.  Armed with new information and guidance, the seeker now becomes the teacher and healer of and for themselves.
The practitioner is the mirror and tool of enablement, so afterwards, you can truly say “I did it for myself.”

People who engage with Four Branches Shamanic Healing may:

– be focusing on their personal development and benefit from support and guidance,
– feel they are stuck on their life-path and need some help to shift things,
– experience physical symptoms manifesting in their body,
– have a sense that something is missing from within themselves or in their life,
– or you may have your own unique reasons for getting in touch.  The shamanic journey can help you find the answers you need in your life.

What happens:
Contact me via and let me know what kind of help you are looking for or what question you would like answered.   Give me your full name and email address and I will carry out a shamanic ceremony and journey for you.  This means I will access an altered state of awareness to receive information for you, based on your request.   You will then receive a Four Branches Report with the information received.  This will be sent to you in PDF format via email.

Should the outcome of your shamanic journey suggest you require healing, I may be able to provide this at the same time, seeking information about what kind of healing or support you need.  I may ask your soul or higher self and spirit guides for permission to carry out a soul retrieval for you.

For detailed information about what to expect, go to menu and click ‘About your shamanic journey’.

I am currently providing this service completely free of charge to one person a week.  Simply contact me to book a date.  

This service is provided at a distance.  I do not need to know any more than your full name and email address.  Send me your address and I will post you a crystal that holds the energy of your ceremony and journey.  You are most welcome to contact me to discuss any questions you may have before proceeding.

The reason this service is free at this time is due to my current, personal contract with my own soul and my own spiritual journey, I simply feel a sense of ‘rightness’ in offering to support you in a manner of which I am capable, without it being about money.  I am, however, limiting the number of shamanic journeys I make.

After your shamanic journey has taken place, then your work begins.  This approach is one of empowerment, I am not doing it for you but acting as a conduit of Spirit, providing information, creating an opportunity and enabling conditions for you and your unique energy to connect to Spirit so that you can move yourself forwards in your life journey.  Your journey continues, as always, with the knowledge and healing that you gain.  Your progress always depends on you.  Give yourself time, work with what you have learnt at your own pace, be kind to yourself.  I have every confidence that when you look back in the coming weeks or months, you will see how much has changed for you.

Simply by choosing to act, you are already changing your situation for the better.

This service is not an alternative to medical support or services.
Your confidentiality is treated with paramount respect and care at all times.  

For more information about my shamanic practice, check out:


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