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One Year Blog Review

I think this is a good time for a recap on what’s been going on with me over the past year.  A year of light and dark, love and fear, of questions and answers and more questions.

I’ve been my best and worst over this year and the swing between the two is becoming more and more frequent and intense.  It’s been a difficult road to travel, to be honest. 

The best times have embraced bliss, gifted serenity, emblazoned my heart with love and increased my psychic, empathic and mediumship skills to whole new levels.  I have met and connected with a beautiful, loving, warrior sister of my heart.  I have had some of the most powerful shamanic journeys ever, leading me to new and wonderful places, like the Sacred School of OmNa.  I’ve been going through some powerful initiations and energetic exercises, courtesy of Marko Pogacnik and the aforementioned school of OmNa.  It’s been life-changing and has gifted me many blessings.  

The worst times have led me to the strongest, most overwhelming emotions of fear and sadness and I have descended to the deepest depths of my darkest nights.  Some of that has been my own fears coming out to be released, which is a good thing.  Some has been due to the transformations towards ascension I’ve been going through and some of it is still very much a mystery to me.

I’ve been looking for answers in the form of health issues and spiritual developments, I’ve been desperately looking for solutions to make the darkness go away, but all that has happened over the year is everything has got worse, bad times getting stronger and stronger and occurring more and more often, until I only get a few days of light between the phases of darkness. 

There have been times I’ve lost my dignity completely.  There have been times I’ve hurt others I love deeply and that is intolerable.  There have been times I’ve failed to learn how to change and times I’ve worked it out and been able to move forward again.

One thing’s for certain, it’s been a rollercoaster of a year.  My first post went out on January 13, so it’s been a year on here as well.  I haven’t been able to continue offering the shamanic journeying service I hoped to provide because of the issues that have presented in the form of migraine aura with depression, when all that darkness descends.  I wish I’d been well enough to do so but I’m still working on that. 

All I can say is, as I go into 2019 with more questions and little resolved, with more dark than light presenting itself, I am not giving up.  I hope more than life itself to sort this out, if I’m meant to be in the dark, to do so with more integrity and dignity.  If I’m meant to work things out and move into the light, to find a way to do that.

One thing I am sure of, there are people in my life that have given me so much over this year it makes me emotional to the core to think of it.  To you, I say a heartfelt “thank you, from the centre of my heart and the core of my soul” because I truly wonder how I would have survived without you.  You have been my salvation and hope and my love for you overflows.  May the Universe bless you and guide you through all the days of your life.      



Healing The Heart of the Earth is my blog and the Home of Four Branches Healing which is the shamanic and energy healing service of myself, Amanda Reid. My blog focuses on my spiritual thoughts, feelings and experiences throughout a daily life blessed with the freedom to be and do many of my favourite things. Coupled with the lessons, messages and challenges that certain physical conditions bring to me from time to time, namely migraine aura and osteoarthritis. Sometimes, I face outwards and focus on bringing healing to others, sometimes, I need to face inwards and focus on my own healing and growth. My passions include walking in the woodlands and working with the trees, strolling along beaches and swimming in the seas. I approach most things from the perspective of a worker with energy, looking for the energetic dynamic and using it to bring healing, hope, love, faith and manifestation into my life and those of others who cross my path, in as much as I am able. My path is wholly within the vibrations of the divine, particularly the feminine principle of the divine, whose current expression is enabling a balance of male and female energy for humanity. One day, we will be ready to embrace the non-gender reality of the cosmic levels completely, but for now, the divine feminine is bringing her loving and compassionate energy to balance out and bring healing to the millenia of masculine divine energy that has been expressing itself on Earth. If there was only one thing I could say to you, it is this, you are divine. It matters not who you are, you are divine. You have no reason to accept what I say, but I still wish for you to know it, not with your thoughts and mind but in such a way that you feel and experience the truth of it, embrace and embody it. You are divine. You and every other being you know. By divine, I mean you are made up of the same stuff as what we call God, what I call the Creator. At our core, all of us are that pure, that perfect, that magnificent and that wise. We are, however, a little more complicated than that, consisting of a number of elements that go together to make who we are in this, our present personality, in this, our current incarnation on Earth. Take that divine core and add a rather confused and easily bruised personality/ego with a severe memory problem, starting out (again) as a little baby, growing up in a hurt and challenging world, amongst a population of people all going through the same thing, all trying to work it out. The divine core, at soul level, is more like a passenger, its voice not heard for all the noise of our physical existence; the desires, the emotions, the struggles, the suffering, the pain, the fears. All of it, illusion, just a very convincing one. I’m one of many who are waking up. Are you one who is waking up? Confusing, isn’t it? But worth it. There truly is no other way, this is simply the best game in town and we are ascending. Wake up with me and embrace your divine nature. You are more than welcome, you are my reason for being here.

3 thoughts on “One Year Blog Review

  1. A powerful reflection my soul sister, full of honesty and uncertainty. Don’t worry, we never quite know what happens next to any of us, but there have been reasons as to why everything happened the way it did. It took darkness to see the light and your lessons were learned. I feel positive that 2019 will shift towards more lighter times. Don’t try so hard to influence it and surrender completely. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment if it doesn’t happen immediately. You are worth it and you are not meant to stay in the darkness. I have said it many times and you are full of light my dear. I have always seen it and it is the true YOU.
    I love you my soul sister and all will be well. Remember everything good you have given as well during these tough times. We could have nit made it without you ourselves. Xoxo in light and love, always.

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    1. Thank you, beloved sister, your words strengthen me more than you know, as they always do. You are right about surrender, that has just come to me in my meditation, just it seems at the same time you were writing your comment, would you believe? I know that’s the way forward. I just have to work out how to do it. My love and gratitude are eternally with you. xxx

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      1. Isn’t it amazing? I truly believe in it and you are doing it all. I know we want to believe so much and we hang on to every little shred. Truth is that we have fallen many times, but reality is we have gotten up even more times. So proud of you my sister. xo

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