About your shamanic journey

Should you be interested in receiving a Four Branches shamanic journey, here is what you need to know.

Before the day of your shamanic journey

You and I will agree a date for your shamanic journey to take place.

Before the journey, I need to know your full name, your email address to send you the information after the journey and your postal address (optional) to send you a crystal that will be soaking up the energy throughout the event.

We will discuss your question or intent for the focus of the journey.  A typical statement of intent for a shamanic journey may be:

‘May the information, healing and support that is most appropriate for (your full name) to have in their life at this time, be made available and accessed.’

This statement ensures that you only receive what you are ready for.  You may wish to discuss a more personal and specific intention for your journey.  

I will select a crystal for you which will be placed on the altar during the ceremony.  I will hold this crystal in my hand during the journey.  This crystal, holding the energy of the entire event, will be posted to you after your shamanic ceremony and journey is complete (optional). 

The Ceremony

You are free to go about your usual business on the day in question.  If you wish to tune in and connect during the day, that is fine too.

The ceremony and journey usually take approximately three hours to complete on the day.

During the ceremony, I will activate a circle to create sacred space, calling the four directions.  I will invoke protection and create the energy necessary for a strong and successful journey, inviting the appropriate guides and support from the inner planes to participate.

The Journey

During the journey, I will invite your soul energy and your community of guides to connect with me and guide me throughout.  Your soul knows just what you need.  Think of my soul and your soul working together as advisors for the process.  Your community of guides will also be helping me, alongside my community of guides. 

There is no way of knowing what will occur during your journey, it may be very little or a great deal.  You can only receive the healing, support and information that your soul agrees to and that you are currently ready to receive.  This ensures you will not receive more than you can handle at the time.

I honour the trust you are showing in me.  I promise your trust is respected by me with the utmost integrity and care.  This is about your enrichment and healing.

Soul Retrieval

Sometimes, a soul retrieval is called for.  If this is the case for you, I will carry this out if your soul and your guides agree that you are ready for this.  Please read the page about Soul Retrieval on this website.  Please let me know if you are specifically looking for a Soul Retrieval.  

After the ceremony and journey

Afterwards, I will write up your journey and send you the information via email.  When you have the information, that is when the work truly starts for you. 

Some of the information received may be symbolic, like dreams.  I won’t know what some things mean, since it’s meant for you, not me, but I will do my best to help you work it out.  You may benefit by doing some research or thinking it through over time for everything to make sense. 

You should expect to need some time, days or weeks, it varies, following the journey, to work with the information/healing and integrate it.  Should it be required, I will continue to support you during this time.

Making payment 

You will be expected to make an offering to Nature/Mother Earth/the Divine Universal energies, as you choose, after the process has been received by you.  This is a gift of gratitude for what you have received and an active part of the energy of exchange.
It will be as though an intuitive knowing guides you.  It may be something like a crystal, stone, pebble, feather or similar that you have put your energy into, or maybe an object or keepsake in your possession, something personal that your heart tells you is meant to be given up in exchange for what you received.  It can be anything that is meaningful to you that you perceive as an offering to Nature.  Cost and money doesn’t come into it, this is all about energy, you are making an offering of gratitude with the intent of your heart.  It may happen suddenly and unexpectedly when you are out and about or you may go purposely into nature, specifically to action this task.

I will not share any of your information with anybody, your confidentiality is of paramount importance to me.  

This service is not provided as an alternative to mainstream medical health care.  If you have any ailments that require support, do not hesitate to access a medical professional.  

If you think of any questions at any stage, please don’t hesitate to ask.