About me

Hello, I’m Amanda.

I’m on a spiritual journey and I welcome you to share the experience.  I’m seeking to be the best person I can be by increasing my energies of love and divine white light and using them wisely in all I think, say and do.  I am learning such a lot about the nature of the universe, myself and Life in general and I find it’s such a beautiful world.

Four Branches Healing is one way for me to share this journey and utilise the energy I am embodying, by using it to offer healing.  I am passionately engaged in transformation, not just my own, but yours, because the universal energies affect us all.  We are all ultimately connected, so your growth and my growth are the same.

In all I do, love is my focus, the synchronicities of life guide me, my energy comes from and through nature, healing is my purpose and the inner planes are where I gain most of my learning.  Life is rich and there are so many opportunities to learn, grow and expand.  I count a good day as one where that happened and my days are truly blessed.

I’m in my late fifties, female, British (Welsh) and am married to a wonderful man who shares my journey called Andy.  You’ll hear about him in my posts from time to time.  We’ve been growing together since we met in 1982. 

I joyfully spend my days walking in woods and on beaches, making paintings and other creative endeavours, writing, meditating, engaging in numerous types of spiritual activity; shamanic, crystals, activations, healing.  I’m working a lot with trees and nature beings at the moment, also developing my work with the consciousness of crystals, which I love so much.  Most recently, channelling and communicating with beings on the inner planes has been my main area of personal growth and expansion.

I’ve been a shamanic practitioner for more than 20 years and my practice focuses on the British tradition.  You can visit my dedicated website at http://www.britishshaman.co.uk 

Alongside my spiritual practice, I began my working career as a school teacher, teaching art and design to 14 to 18 year olds.  Following that, I’ve been employed as a clinical practitioner within mental health and psychological therapy services over the last 21 years.  Throughout this time, I’ve had the good fortune to work and train in many areas, including counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, solution focused therapy, art therapy, psycho-social interventions, transactional analysis and motivational interventions.  In December 2017, I left my post as Clinical Manager of a psychological therapy service to enter retirement.

Retirement is a new beginning for me, a time of freedom and expansion as I seek to develop my spiritual practices and offer support to others on their own journeys along the way. 

Over the years, ongoing since the 1980’s, I’ve had many opportunities to develop my spiritual practices through extensive training with a number of spiritual organisations. 

This includes general healing, shamanic healing and crystal healing.  Andy has, more often than not, been there with me, we have shared the learning and experiences, having each other and our friends to practice and develop with. 

My private practice and shamanic website ‘Four Branches: Roots & Practice of British Shamanism’ has been running since 2012. 

Check out my art, you’ll find it in the right hand sidebar, click on it to open the gallery.

If you are drawn towards a shamanic journey and would like to talk to me, don’t hesitate to get in touch via penardun@britishshaman.co.uk