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Butterfly Emerging

Watch out world, this butterfly is about to emerge.
She is the most colourful butterfly you ever saw.
She has hairy legs and eyes that see into your soul.
She transmits a steady stream of love, right into your heart.
She has teeth like little needles, she will tear down your illusions and devour your ego.
She will take no bullshit, she’s going to call you out.
If you try to catch her, she will let the breeze carry her above your reach.
If you try to pin her down, you will fail, she cannot be caught.
She has been on an amazing journey to get here, it has torn her wings and battered her body.
Her little mind has been ravaged and her emotions have been tested to the limit.
But she survived and now she is as beautiful and full of love as can be.     


Picture: Rainbow butterfly by madappy  

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Beloved Soul,

What was that?  A test?  Are you kidding me?  My life just somersaulted out of control and flipped upside down.  I nearly lost one I love.  I lost it, found it, thought I’d lost it again and then I think I’ve found it, but I don’t know. 

What is the Universe trying to do to me?  I have never cried so much in all my born days, and believe me, I am a crier, if anyone could cry for an Olympic gold medal, it would be me, all through my life.  Today my eyes are sore and raw, my eyelids are cemented with salty, crusty goo.  And those tears just keep on flowing.  But that’s nothing compared to the thoughts and feelings, utter torment.  What bitter cruelty to go through the last few days, up all night and in bed all day, exhausted. 

Did I pass?  Did I fail?  I failed, didn’t I?  It felt like failure.  Yes, I learned some valuable lessons, I grew as a person, but really?  That was necessary?  What did I do to bring that reality about? 

Beloved soul, thank you for coming to my rescue, thank you for pouring your love into my heart and body, it was not until I stilled myself and invited you in, that I found some peace and clarity came.  I’m not sure I understand why that had to happen, I don’t get whether I made it happen against the run of my fate or if it was pre-destined, but I am glad it’s over.  And I am glad you are always with me, enabling me to feel your unwavering loving presence. 

Thank you from the depths of my heart for helping me through.
Your loving personality.               

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My precious light being,

It seems a perfect time to talk to you about hurting.  I know it can be difficult and challenging, being a personality on the Earth and I know you are one emotional being.  So many tears on your journey, always tears.  Yes, you do make things hard for yourself and you know it.  I see you struggle, I see you trying to follow your heart and do the right thing and I see you fail.  If you wish to do the right thing, then ask yourself ‘what would the Creator do?’, that is your guide.  You are the Creator’s expression on the Earth, after all. 

I will help you all I can, but sometimes, you must work it out for yourself.  Let love be your guide.  Open your heart wider and decide what matters most.  Ask your ego to step aside because it is only your ego that feels hurt, your heart and soul is never hurting, only your ego is vulnerable and tender.  Your ego can close your heart at the drop of a hat, and it does.  Don’t live your life at the whim of your tender ego.  Be brave, live big, take chances and make love your compass.  You are here to emanate love for yourself and for all, and yes, it can be harder to do that than not, hardest with the ones you love the most.  To do that, you must let go of all the hurt and reach out with love.

You are my beloved expression upon the Earth and I wrap you in light and love,
Your loving Soul    

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Letter to My Mind

Dearest, wonderful mind,

You are amazing, you are always busy and committed to keep us safe and well.  You try so hard and can be very assertive.  When something comes to threaten our equilibrium, you are on the case fast,  and I am very grateful. 

You may have noticed, as my personality, I have been developing my relationship with our soul.  I have been asking our soul to help you when you are struggling, by flooding you with her loving light.  The purpose of this is to help you be still and feel our love.

Beloved mind, I love you but you are sometimes a monkey mind, then, we are neither of us happy.  There have been times when it has got rough, and you know it.  I’d like us to try something different.  I would like you to move out of the driving seat and let our soul have a go at driving.  I’d like you to take the role of navigator, working collaboratively with our soul to keep us on track.  That way, you may enjoy the journey more and get to know stillness and peace at last.

Beloved mind, I love you, I thank you and I forgive you.

My heartfelt love is always with you,
Your loving personality.    

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Manifesting With Abundance

Greetings to you, my loving being of light,

You are a powerhouse of manifestation and the energies of abundance constantly surround you.   You are capable of bringing all your dreams into reality, so think big.  Imagine what is possible if you realise this fully now.  Nothing is out of your reach, your only concern is that you use your moral compass, because what you send out will return to you. 

Send out energy in the form of thoughts, desires and your will to draw forth all that you require in order to be the fulfilled expression of the divine on the Earth that you are.  Draw forth people who are thinking like you and at the same energetic level, together, you can achieve more.  Draw forth the means for you to express the Creator as healer, lover, artist, writer, teacher, mentor, whatever your soul wishes to express.  Believe.  Don’t run away with your fears of the immensity of it all, take one step at a time and then your dreams will come towards you, they will meet you on your path.

I am constantly with you, bringing my love and light,

Your most loving Soul