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A Precious Jewel Called Love

It’s Valentine’s Day, what does Love mean to you?

Love is a word that can have so many meanings and contexts, and, of course, Valentine’s Day is all about the romantic kind, looking for the one or celebrating with your other half.  But, today I’m thinking of another kind of love, the kind we feel for life, for anyone or anything that touches our heart, a kind word, a stunning sunset, a star-filled night, a touching piece of music. 

Love has no limits, there’s as much of it inside of us as we can muster, and, with practice, we can muster an unlimited amount, a continuous flow. 

The best place to start is by learning to love ourselves.  It’s only by cultivating love within our self that we have the love we need to give to others and the world.

Learning to love our self fully and unconditionally is not a personal quest for healing and completeness, it’s the means by which more love can be manifested upon this Earth for us all, it’s healing for all. 

Our love is like a precious jewel, once we have found that jewel within us, let’s help it’s scintillating light shine through us and beyond.  Let’s bask in its brilliance for our own benefit and to let the world see its glory.  

Happy Valentine’s Day!  May you feel the Love. x   

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Shamanka On The Road

They say life’s a journey, well, they oughta know.

I’m travelling light but I got my flow.

They say better late than never as they rush headlong,

Well, I travel at my pace whilst I sing my song.

They say the grass is greener on the other side of the hill,

On that hill I climbed a tree called Yggdrasil.

They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing,

I got this one brain, it’s my only wellspring.

They say still waters run deep and well they may,

I have many feelings but little to say.

They say knowledge is power, but really, they’re wrong,

My power comes from love and singing my song.

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Diamond In The Rough

A Diamond in the Rough, when you just can’t judge a book by the cover.

Latest research from Princeton says it takes a tenth of a second to make a decision about a stranger, based on the look of their face, and we don’t usually tend to change our minds later.

Wow, that’s brief.  Why are we so quick to judge?

Do you know anybody in your life who’s a diamond in the rough?  Maybe that’s you.

There are a lot of people who are pure gold, loving, giving, caring people, but they don’t exactly look like our archetypal idea of a Goddess or Archangel.  They may not get to shine unless we give them a chance, we may not get to shine, either, if we are not given one by others.  A friend once told me she decided to give me a chance of friendship because I have kind eyes.  The manner she said it left me in no doubt that she meant this in spite of the deficits she saw in my appearance, my body size and older years, compared to hers. 

I would just like to say, there is nothing about the appearance of another that is telling me how much love is in their hearts or how kind they are, not even their eyes.  People say our eyes are the windows of our soul, I don’t know, but I do know we are all attracted to different things, including the eyes.  I have met people whose eyes might seem cold, eyes that look tired, eyes that hold pain, but, given a chance, they turned out to be warm and loving people.  Let’s face it, we all have hearts, we all feel, we all dream, we all hope to be loved by others.  I’m not going to judge.       

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What if you could sweep away all illusions and fears from your life, from your perceptions?

Recognising your inner purity is the ability to recognise yourself beyond all fears and illusions.

It exists as the gateway to your true essence of being.

Purity is accepting yourself as you are, completely, right now.

When all is stripped away, your core is revealed and your core is pure divine power.

What is your purity?  What is your divine power?

Is it Exalted Love?  Is it Enlightened Wisdom?  Is it Sacred Light?

Be still, go within, ask your soul to connect you with your inner purity now.

Ask and you shall receive.  See what you find there.

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Dive In

Dive in to the depths of your emotions.  If you let your feelings flow out, you will release them.

Dive in to the depths of your mind.  If you observe your thoughts, they will fly away like little birds.

Dive into the depths of your body.  If you value your body, it will always express your inner beauty.

Dive in to the depths of your fears.  If you swim in your fears for a while, you’ll realise they are not really there.

Dive in to love.  If you express love, you are living your truth.

Dive in to life.  If you embrace life, it hugs you right back.