“I have been blessed to receive distance healing from Amanda on several occasions.  During and after these sessions I have felt protected, grounded, calm and uplifted.  The healing insights that Amanda receives and shares are always relevant, beneficial and empowering.”

from Emma


Nice things people say…

“I’ve really enjoyed working with you over these past weeks.  You’ve been a true inspiration, so helpful and encouraging.  Thank you for all the opportunities, now I will take everything forward as far as I can.”

“Thank you for making my first journey a memorable one.  I really appreciated all your support and guidance, it has been such a pleasure working with you, your passion, creativity and wisdom has really helped me.”

“You have been lovely to work with, so supportive and motivating. Thank you so much for all the support and guidance and your endless optimism!”

 “I am so grateful to have met and worked with you.  You have been an inspiration with your attitude and passion.  I’ve learned so much, your positive attitude and energy has empowered me.”