What is soul retrieval?


What is soul loss?

Many people don’t feel totally whole, don’t feel as if they are ‘all here’.  Few of us live as fully as we could.  We are unconsciously searching for lost parts of ourselves through our dreams, day-dreams, exploring different spiritual paths or just feeling we don’t belong, don’t relate.  We feel weakened and dispirited.

What do we mean by ‘soul’?

In this context, the word ‘soul’ simply refers to our vital essence.  This vital essence is the seat of our emotions and feelings.  When we suffer a soul loss, we mean that we have lost a part of that vital essence, the part that was most emotionally engaged at the time of the event that was occurring when it was lost.

What causes soul loss?

Soul loss can occur when we are involved in a situation that causes us emotional or physical pain or suffering.  The causes are personal and a situation that creates soul loss in one person may not do so in another.  Traumatic events in particular make us vulnerable to losing a part of our energy in this manner.  

What can be done about it?

Sometimes it’s enough to realise the loss has occurred and hold the intent to reclaim the lost vital essence.  Often a person may use a form of psychotherapy to do this.  Alternatively, soul retrieval is a technique that goes back tens of thousands of years in the domain of the shaman.  To do this, the shaman journeys in an altered state of consciousness to the upper, middle or lower world, travelling on the beat of the drum, with the intention of finding and restoring the lost part. 

When undergoing soul retrievals, working with power animals and spirit guides is essential.  The shaman’s spirit guides and power animals often do most of the work, taking the traveller to the right place and providing vital information.

During a distance soul retrieval, soul parts may be brought home to you by your higher self or a spirit guide, they will then be lovingly re-introduced to your energy whilst you are in a relaxed state or in your sleep.  Alternately, they may be anchored into a crystal that will be posted to you so that you can let the energy of your soul part relocate, with guidance from your shamanic practitioner.  Your shamanic practitioner will guide you throughout, ensuring you can welcome your soul part home and get to know each other again over time.  This may take time and is, in many ways, the most important part of the process.